Safari || Sea of Doors

by Wolf In a Spacesuit

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"Dense rhythms with a light touch & a kaleidoscopic spectrum of synthesized brouhaha enliven the latest release by Wolf In a Spacesuit: the full-length Safari: Sea of Doors. Appropriate title. The album is a sort of journey with countless doors opening and closing on tidal wave vistas of sonic exoticism." -QRO Magazine (December 17, 2011)

Includes 11-page booklet
Includes No Birds Fly music video

Dedicated to the planet earth, our temporary home.

Safari Part One: Sea of Doors
Includes 11-page booklet

Sea of Doors was recorded in bedrooms, living rooms and public spaces across Chicago in 2010-2011.

Thank you: Andrew Vanwyngarden, Eszter Zimanyi, Kim Malkowski, Erick Sherman, Julian Dalrymple, The Tumblrs, Dwight Palovic, James Trauzzi, Terra Lockhart, Thalie Laboda, Tony Tooke, Jon Carling

A special thank you to our friends, family and to our open-minded and wonderful fans who have supported us through the years.

Wolf In a Spacesuit


released December 13, 2011

Cover/Collage art: Cecilia Majzoub
Drawings by: Algebra Huxley
Design by: Algebra Huxley

Written and performed by: Wolf In a Spacesuit
Produced and mixed by: Algebra Huxley

Wolf In a Spacesuit is:
Algebra Huxley
Arthur Aircraft

*Percussion on 'After You' by Erick Sherman



all rights reserved


Wolf In a Spacesuit New York


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Track Name: Creepr
I believe in you
Speak the words right through you
We could never lose you
(Not as dead as everybody else)
(I tried but my heart wasn't in it)
Are you by the phone?
Are you all alone?
Do you see when I call?
Made a slip of the tongue
Going out of my skull
I belong
I tried but my heart wasn't in it
Track Name: Anger
I am fanning the fire to stop
But the kettle is boiling over and out the top
If you don't stop asking these questions...
Please stop asking...
I won't mention, yeah
Well you see I am T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. fine
But I can't hide my anger all the time
Are you mine?
Are you completely mine?
I've got demons on my back at all times
I can't keep'em all straight
Anything in particular you hate?
You've got people scared of change on the horizon
Picture this, you're born in the pit you probably will die in
I can make it rain
I'll pull all the right strings
But let me off the hook I'll fall into the wrong things
If there's nothing where you are
It takes a little makes a lot
I could never tell you why
You never wanted anything simple
So why try?
No bright lights
We make the same mistakes a lot
But I could never tell you why
You never wanted anything easy
So why try?
No bright lights
Track Name: Ease Your Mind
Ease your mind
It's the truth, I make it up
Calm your heart
Tell yourself you did enough
My heart's beating now my heart's beating now I know
If I make you laugh
Can I be your friend?
Would you invite me to hang out with your friends on the weekend?
Keep the flames up
Feed your old your young
If it's not easy to hold it you bite your tongue
But my heart's beating now
My heart's beating now, I know
But the pace is slow
My pulse has come undone
Until the swarm comes
Til the swarm comes
Til the swarm comes
Til the swarm comes
Til the swarm comes
Til the swarm comes
Track Name: No Birds Fly
There’s a hole in the sky where no birds fly
I won’t fly where no birds fly
When you come around, what do I see?
No pure expression
“A model home”
If you set your cell alarm every night and
Lock your doors and you’ll be alright
He says, “I’ve got a job to do but nothing to believe in”
And I slide my card like the picture I'm seeing
But the worms crawl from another mind
Are you sensible?
Can you be on time?
It’s just words flowing into a sea
I don’t want to go insane or be forgotten
But it’s not a light it’s a tunnel I see
And what’s a song gonna do for me?
Where would I go without you now?
Where would I go without you now?
Where would I go without you now?
Where would I go without you now?
Track Name: After You
Seinfeld’s on
She’s on the house line with her mom
I’m lost in folding towels
You’re running barefoot through the house
Down the street
Across from the park we go to eat
They tore down another store
Within a year, two more
(Why oh why oh why?)
All things grow
Even the foundation’s full of holes
And it’s a quiet world
I only want to observe
Crash and burn
Death speaks,
Our elders taking turns
I hope you let me out
They’ve come to service all the accounts
What you learn to see in your own mind
Is what you learn to be in your own time